Our View About Competition

ipg competitionIon Power Group views other power producing companies as potential future affiliates rather than competitors. Here’s why. Ion Power Group’s internationally patented ion harvesting technology is uniquely positioned to help fill the shortcomings found in today’s power production technologies. For example, solar power doesn’t work at night. Ion power does. Therefore, solar companies who augment themselves with Ion Power’s technology (through purchasing technology licenses) can produce power day and night. Consider the thousands of windmills world-wide that sit idle during periods of low wind. Wind power companies that install Ion Power’s technology on their windmills can produce power even when the windmill is idle. Mankind is moving toward colonization in the extremely harsh conditions on Mars. Solar and wind (and nuclear) on Mars have their drawbacks, however, because of the physics involved in how ions are harvested, it is believed that Ion Power Group’s technology will thrive and excel in the harsh conditions on Mars.


Crowdfunding helps reduce Pollution

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— Ion Power Group (@IonPowerGroup) September 5, 2013



Electricity from Air – alternative energy breakthrough

ion power group electricity from airThe United States, China and Russia awarded Ion Power Group  international patents for an alternative energy breakthrough technology that produces electricity by harvesting the electric charge of near-earth ions in the air.
For years the Scientific Community has known that there exists electrical energy in the Earth’s atmosphere in the form of electrically charged airborne ions. Cosmic radiation in the form of cosmic rays and gamma rays arriving from deep space bombard the Earth’s atmosphere from all directions. This ever-present cosmic radiation, along with terrestrial processes, result in the consistent creation of electrically charged airborne atoms known as ions. Ion Power Group has developed and patented a process that harvests ionic power from the air to extract high-voltage electrical energy day and night.
Ionic energy is an extensive naturally renewable resource that, unlike other sources of energy such as oil, coal or gas, requires neither mechanical nor chemical means to extract the energy.  Ion Power Group has created internationally patented technology  that harvests electrically charged near-earth ions present in the atmosphere and converts the ionic energy into useable electricity. The high-voltage electric power harvested from ions in the air can also be used to generate hydrogen gas from water; the same type hydrogen gas used to power fuel-cell automobiles under development by worldwide manufacturers.
“I have personally reviewed the Ion Power Group technology and regard it as a technology of vital importance.” Lyndon E. Clifton Intelligence Officer, United States Air Force, retired
Having completed the proof-of-concept phase, we are in the process of garnering support and fund-raising to go to the next level – construction of the world’s first experimental ion power plant.  Ion Power Group’s alternative energy breakthrough technology has the potential to enhance the world’s energy mix while improving the health of our planet and creating a brighter future for our children.